Anyware powers up with Huntkey

IT distributor partners with Chinese power supply vendor

Anyware has partnered up with Chinese power supply vendor, HuntKey.

The partnership was cemented in June during Computex in Taiwan. Anyware’s national coverage was appealing to the vendor.

HuntKey already has a distributor in Australia so ensuring the new distributor doesn’t cannibalise the other’s business, the vendor has made several products exclusive to each of the partners.

“The vendor didn’t want to offend the existing distributor so we worked towards an agreement where we can coexist with different product ranges,” Anyware marketing manager, Cameron Anstee, said.

Anyware already distributes power supply products by Thermaltake and a host of smaller vendors. HuntKey’s offerings will be a suitable addition to the line-up, he said.

“We see this as a move into the future, with HuntKey, we are consolidating a number of power supply products we get from a few different vendors into one,” Anstee said. “We are certainly not discontinuing our existing vendors – the new products are not intended to replace but complement existing products.”

Anstee also saw the new relationship as a way to boost Anyware’s Green credentials as HuntKey boasts a good energy efficiency for its products.

He hopes the new vendor deal will appeal to the 10,000 resellers on the distributor’s books.