TPG offers $69.99 1TB plan with home phone

Bigger and cheaper than iiNet and iPrimus

TPG has joined the terabyte fray, serving up a 1TB broadband and home phone bundle for $69.99.

iiNet is offering its 1TB plan for $99.99 while iPrimus carries a 1.1TB plan for the same price.

According to a statement by a TPG representative on broadband forum, Whirlpool, the package includes an ADSL2+ connection with 500GB quota each for on-peak and off-peak, fixed line rental with unlimited local calls and free IPTV.

But the bundle only available in limited TPG coverage areas. Expected release date for the bundle is September 1.

Customers can take either a six- or 18-month contract.

While the three ISPs have brought out their terabype plans in quick succession, analysts said these plans were more for publicity than responding to market demand.