iPrimus steals iiNet's thunder with 1.1TB plans

The Quad-1 plans were encouraged by strong take up of NBN services in Tasmania, according to the ISP.

Intent on stealing iiNet’s thunder, iPrimus has brought out new broadband plans with over 1TB of data quota.

The announcement comes less than 24 hours after iiNet served up its 1TB plans starting from $99.95. This includes 500GB each of on and off peak data which counts both downloads and uploads.

iPrimus’ Quad-1 plans slips just ahead of iiNet’s plans, offering 1.1TB – 511GB peak and 600GB off-peak – from $99.95. The NakedDSL Quad-1 plan cost $119.95.

The ISP claims the Quad-1 plans were motivated by encouraging take up of its National Broadband Network (NBN) services in Tasmania.

“I’m particularly excited that our customers will have access to these plans as in the NBN age customers should not have to worry about download quotas,” iPrimus CEO, Ravi Bhatia, said.

“This is a step change in internet history in Australia and I’m glad that Primus Telecom can lead the way into the new age.”

Bhatia said the plans allowed consumers to fulfill their entertainment needs including streaming of high-definition (HD) video content.

Installation on 24 month Quad-1 plans are free during the launch phase.