AFACT ordered to pay iiNet court cost, again

Federal Court sticks with its original decision and forces AFACT to pay iiNet

The Federal Court has reiterated its decision for the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) to pay iiNet’s court bill after an unsuccessful appeals process.

iiNet won the copyright case brought on by the anti-piracy group in February and presiding judge, Justice Dennis Cowdroy, ordered AFACT to pay iiNet’s legal cost. The ISP is said to have spent upwards of $4 million on the court battle.

But in May, AFACT appeal to only pay 60 per cent of the cost, claiming the verdict handed down by the Federal Court was a “mixed result”. It also appealed the Court’s decision to award iiNet the victory.

Justice Cowdroy has ordered AFACT to “pay the cost of the respondent [iiNet] of and incidental to the proceedings including costs thrown away as a result of the abandonment by the applicants of their primary infringement claims against the respondent”.

An iiNet spokesperson said the ISP is happy with today’s ruling and it was a sound decision.

AFACT represented a number of Hollywood studios to sue iiNet for authorising movie piracy on the ISP’s network.

The appeal hearing is set for August.