01/01/2000: where will you be?

D-Day. Ground Zero. Bikini Atoll. The trenches. Those are the terms IS managers use when they talk about The Deadline -- Jan 1 2000. So we asked where various IS luminaries and vendor executives plan to be that day:

Director of network and client services at a New York companyBecause my office building is in the centre of the city, we probably won't be able to get near the place until the cleaning crews finish shovelling the confetti away. It's just as well; I'm hoping that we'll be confident enough of our prior testing and preparation that we won't have to go to the office on the first.

Personally, I'd like to be able to spend the first day of the new millennium (which, tech-nically, it isn't) in quiet reflection, pondering things a bit more weighty than whether or not all the LAN passwords have just expired or whether the automatic purge of e-mail messages of a certain age just caused the mail server to wipe itself clean.

And I hope that -- assuming the public telephone network hasn't shut down -- we can dial in and see that systems are up and running. On Sunday, assuming the elevators are working, we'll probably go on-site for a more detailed system check.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jan 1 and 2 are actually the calm before the storm. Day three, when the world returns to work (assuming traffic lights and mass transit systems are running), may turn out to be the real ground zero.

At the risk of one-upping the cobbler's barefooted kids, I'll probably find that the one piece of technology I overlooked in my year 2000 testing is my PC at home.

Bill Gates, chairman and CEO, Microsoft

I always spend New Year's with my family. As that is also my wedding anniversary, I will no doubt be doing something fun to celebrate with Melinda.

Andrew Filipowski, CEO, Platinum TechnologyI plan to be in bed, cuddling with my beautiful family. We'll sleep the day away in a luxurious do-nothing state, watching the world do what it's gonna do.