Product feature: Leadtek

Distributed in Australia by Rectron Electronics, Leadtek has released its new WinFast nForce2 series of high motherboards based on NVIDIA's nForce2 Platform processors. The range includes three models: K7NCR18D, K7NCR18G and K7NCR18M. The WinFast K7NCR18G comes with an integrated GeForce4 MX graphics card combined with high-speed dual 400MHz DDR memory controllers and delivers twice the bandwidth of typical DDR core-logic chipsets, according to Leadtek. The motherboards also feature support for USB 2.0, ATA133 and Firewire connectivity. Additionally, all WinFast nForce2 motherboards are loaded with Over Temperature Shutdown (OTS), feature X-BIOS II for system protection and performance fine-tuning, as well as support for Smart Card Reader and Smart Memory Card for multimedia support. Recommended retail pricing for the K7NCR18G is yet to be finalised but will be around $279, according to Rectron officials.

Rectron Electronics: (03) 9561 6166.