What's new from: D-Link, Vericept, Trend Micro, Snap Gear


Designed for the SOHO market, D-Link's DFL-500 Network Secure VPN Firewall is a hardware device that offers protection for users with plug-and-play connection. It offers security against external intruders, virtual private network (VPN) support through data encryption and authentication, and easy administration. According to the vendor, it is much easier to install and more effective than software-based firewalls, and with a retail price of $1,333 (inc GST) is an affordable option. D-Link also has a firewall product designed for small-to-medium businesses or corporate departments, the DFL-1000 Network Secure VPN Firewall for Departmental. With a retail price of $5,958 (inc GST), D-Link claims the DFL-1000 is a cost-effective departmental firewall that provides comprehensive network protection, high performance and easy installation.

D-Link: (02) 8899 1800.

VericeptVericept's Intelligent Early Warning (VIEW) System is a network device that passively captures and analyses the content of all TCP/IP traffic, including Web, Web mail, e-mail, chat, Instant Messaging, P2P, Telnet and FTP. Targeted at small-to-large enterprise, education and government verticals, VIEW provides full content capture to any violations of a corporation's acceptable usage policy. It also filters and blocks access to undesirable or inappropriate Web sites.

Vericept VIEW for Network Abuse (for the education vertical) is priced at $1,750 (ex GST) for a 25-user licence and is available through Digital Networks Australia.

Digital Networks Australia: (02) 9437 5177.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro's InterScan WebProtect 1.0 for ICAP provides enterprises using ICAP 1.0-compliant caching solutions with HTTP and FTP-over-HTTP virus protection at the caching gateway. Utilising the intelligent content routing and load-balancing features of the ICAP 1.0 protocol, it can significantly improve performance and scalability over proxy or firewall-integrated solutions.

It carries a retail price tag of $8,975 for 500 users (ex GST), which includes all updates and support for 12 months. The InterScan is distributed in Australia by LAN Systems and Alstom IT.

LAN Systems: (02) 9432 1000.

Alstom IT: (02) 8875 0500.

Snap Gear

Snap Gear is about to launch its SME530 and SME550 range of VPN firewall appliances. The SME530 and SME550 appliances are purpose-built, steel-cased products that are designed for corporate or industrial environments. The vendor claims the products increase network performance and offer more internal memory, no network or VPN user limitations, and free lifetime firmware upgrades, which means a longer working life. The SME530 is intended for enterprise use with VPN throughput of up to 4Mbps, and is ideal as a concentrator for remote access workers as well as providing private networking between offices. Intended as an edge network device, the unit can support 80 simultaneous remote workers and branch office connections.

It interoperates with most other VPN technology and has a retail price of $649 (inc GST). The SME550 is intended for large enterprise use with high-speed VPN throughput of up to 10Mbps. This device is suitable as an edge VPN firewall appliance or even as a workgroup shield in highly sensitive corporate and military environments. The SME550 has a retail price of $949 (inc GST) and will be available by the end of the month.