Top 10 funniest tech ads ever made

The beer industry may dominate in the ‘almost-peed-my-pants’ funny commercials front, but the technology sector has also made some hilarious ads in the past.

The beer industry may dominate in the ‘almost-peed-my-pants’ funny commercials front, but the technology sector is also a formidable player in that field.

From commercials with John Cleese comparing a computer and a fish to Microsoft CEO zealously flogging a Windows operating system, techies would have made some hilarious commercials. Who would have thought tech geeks had a wicked sense of humour?

ARN delved into the annals of history to dig up some of the (intentionally or unintentionally) funniest tech ads ever made.

Intel ‘Rock Star’

Self-deprecating humour is a tool employed by a lot of comedians and Intel took it up a notch with its ad showing a bunch of geeky Intel staff swooning over the co-inventor of the USB like he was Brad Pitt.


Man farts in lift

A creative way to sell ringtones.

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Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 was popular in the 80s but the people in this commercial REALLY LOVE the computer.

Featuring cheesy falsetto singing and a lot of people looking very happy with their C64, this ad epitomises the phrase “So bad it’s good”.

Megan Fox for Motorola

Megan Fox in a bath flogging a Motorola phone. Funnily enough, what makes this ad good is not the starlet herself, but all the peripheral characters in it.

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Steve Balmer selling Microsoft 1.0

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, is known to be an eccentric character. Couple his over-the-top personality with selling Microsoft 1.0 and you’ve got yourself one ‘energetic’ commercial.

This video never made it to TV and was only circulated within Microsoft internally but it’s so funny we just had to feature it on the list.

Dell saves mankind with free software commercial

More amusing than laugh-out-loud funny but well worth a look.

Warning: It is a mini-musical.

Also features Oracle and EMC.

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What’s the difference between a Compaq computer and a fish? Monty Python style

John Cleese of Monty Python fame made this ad in the mid-80s for Compaq Computers. In the ad he does a side by side comparison of the company’s portable computer and a fish.

It’s Monty Python. Laughter is mandatory.

Atari Jaguar

The video games console bombed when it first came up in the mid-90s. I wonder if it had anything to do with this ad…

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“Don’t copy that floppy” rap

A rapper raps for anti-piracy.

Enough said.

Sony Vaio – Beware the Webcam

This is why you shouldn’t work from home.