WD unleashes multimedia-friendly drives

The AV-25 series runs quietly, cool and is packed in a small form-factor

Western Digital has introduced a range of SATA hard drives, tailored to suit the AV/DVR and surveillance markets.

The AV-25 series drives range from 160GB to 500GB, and sport a small form 2.5-inch factor. The vendor has built the robust devices through always-on multimedia streaming applications with a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 1 million hours.

Further improving the drives application in multimedia, the AV-25 series can simultaneously record multiple audio and/or high-definition video streams, and runs quietly with noise levels rated at less than one sone – almost below the threshold of human hearing.

Prices range from $59 for the 160GB model to $105 for the 500GB model. The AV-25 is available through distributor Achieva Australia.