Kazacos: Businesses need NBN to be competitive internationally

Cloud computing and video conferencing technologies to take off as the NBN gets rolled out

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will help companies compete on an international scale, according to Hostech executive chairman, Peter Kazacos.

“One of the reasons why I think Government is doing the NBN, is to make Australia competitive internationally,” Kazacos said. “We’re competing with countries such as Korea, which have much more powerful broadband links than us. In the Asian corridor we need to increase our capability otherwise we really can’t build business.”

The Government has been pushing the consumer agenda on the NBN. It says users will be able to download more movies and music faster. However, Kazacos said businesses need to recognise the value in the network.

“Businesses really need to understand what it means to them and also what it means to them to be internationally competitive,” he said.

“The message still needs to be changed. When the government talks about the value [of the NBN], it’s really talking about consumers. It doesn’t really talk about business and that message needs to be understood.

“We need the NBN to be competitive in the international space. That’s the way it is.”

The roll out of the NBN is expected to increase uptake in cloud computing and video conferencing services.

Kazacos said these technologies hadn’t really taken off because of a lack of broadband reliability and speed.

“As something like the NBN gets rolled out into regional Australia, we’ll see more take-up in cloud computing technology,” he said.