Telstra and Polycom release new desktop video phone

Telstra claims it is the first Australian telco to offer a video telephony service

Telstra has partnered with Polycom to release what it claims to be the first video telephony service from an Australian telco.

Telstra acting enterprise services executive director, Carol White, said more than 300 organisations could take advantage of the service after upgrading their phones.

“We have partnered with Polycom to introduce our first video phone, which will enable our TIPT customers to access affordable video calling from today,” White said in a statement. “When teamed with our hosted IP telephony network, our new video phone can deliver business-grade video calling with a simple touch of the screen.”

The new product is called the Telstra VVX 1500 Business Media Phone and is HD voice ready. It uses a 7-inch touchscreen, a Gigabit Ethernet connection and an integrated camera.

“HD voice calling delivers twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls and is like switching from AM to FM radio,” White said. “Organisations currently using HD-capable TIPT handsets will automatically access HD voice calling when connecting with other TIPT customers with compatible handsets.”