CyberNET deploys NetBotz sentry

In line with the increasing focus on business continuity, CyberNET Group is distributing a monitoring appliance from NetBotz. The device can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted and monitors environmental conditions such as heat, humidity and water leakage. The technology can be tied into a phone system or the Web to alert IT managers in the event of an environmental problem, or even an unauthorised entry. The unit also incorporates a camera, which can be set up to take a shot every five seconds or every five minutes, automatically switching to monitor mode when someone enters the room. The product is aimed at large end-user sites with multiple remote storage sites or server rooms, where the cost of monitoring these rooms can be imposing. It can also be used for smaller installations. Packages for multiple installations are also available. The product has already been implemented in two Australian universities.

The unit is priced at $3,528 and is available immediately from CyberNET Group.

CyberNET: (02) 8436 4700.