More companies look to virtualisation says Citrix

Servers first, but desktops are catching up

Any companies that have not gone down the virtualisation path are going to be in the minority. A survey of 700 CIOs worldwide has revealed that companies are committing more to the technologies and it's expected to drive much of the purchasing decisions over the next 18 months.

What's more, it's the UK that's setting the pace for virtualisation, beating the US, France, Germany and Japan in pushing ahead with the technology. According to the survey, 41 percent of UK companies intend to increase their spending on server virtualisation.

The research, known as the Citrix Virtualisation Index, finds that IT managers are looking to make major savings from virtualisation as the technology continues to be employed. Respondents to the survey claim that server virtualisation is already saving about 16 percent of their budgets, a figure that they expect to rise to 27 percent in 2014.While much of the effort in virtualisation in recent years has focused on server virtualisation, the Citrix survey shows that take-up of desktop virtualisation is catching up fast. Twenty seven percent of British organisations are rolling out desktop virtualisation while 36 percent of organisations are "evaluating" or "trialling" the technology. And it's the UK that's setting the pace for desktop virtualisation, beating the US, France, Germany and Japan in pushing ahead with the technology. This is a finding in line with a survey last month from Centrix Software, which also highlighted the increasing interest in desktop virtualisation.

Those companies that don't have plans for virtualisation are going to be left behind. Only 12 percent of organisations don't have any virtualisation under way - although two-thirds of these intend to explore server virtualisation in the next 18 months.

James Stevenson, Citrix's vice-president for the UK said: " It's positive to see the server virtualisation market, although not new, is still up for grabs, with over 60 per cent of businesses looking to implement solutions over the next 18 months. In the main however, 2010 is set to be the year of desktop virtualisation - the tipping point when CIOs move beyond trials to adopt the technology as part of their organisation wide IT strategy."