The lunch box - 05/01

Welcome to 2010, everyone! We look forward to providing you with news throughout the year, and we all hope 2010 is the start of a very happy decade.

State of the market

  • The ASX has jumped to 4926.5 at 11:32. That’s 50.2 points up for the day so far.
  • The Aussie dollar is back over the $US0.90 mark, to $0.9143. Gold has also jumped to $US1119.5, and Oil has soared to $US81.5

General news

  • Apple Tablet: Apple’s tablet is set to be launched later this month and shipped by March
  • Eftpos bug rising: The bug that broke thousands of Bank of Queensland Eftpos machines is now hitting other banks
  • Markets rising: Global markets on the rise
  • Crisis over: Coonamble breathes again as flood waters peak
  • Boy killed: A four-year old US boy has been killed by a bullet fired in celebration
  • Melbourne kidnappings: Police rescue three men from Melbourne shed


  • Live Cricket: Watch Australia try desperately to win against the odds
  • Rooster roasted: Sydney Roosters player investigated for setting man’s pants on fire
  • Dokic loses: Both players call for video ref after frustrating match
  • Booze bans: Three Carlton footballers set to be banned due to pre-Christmas alcohol binges
  • New Aussie defender? Leeds United defender aims for Socceroos and World Cup 2010


For the evening:

Tomorrow's weather:

  • Sydney: A few showers/thunderstorm. Min: 21, Max: 28
  • Melbourne: Partly Cloudy. Min: 16, Max: 23
  • Brisbane: Fine. Min: 22, Max: 30
  • Perth: Sunny, humid change. Min: 22, Max: 36
  • Adelaide: Fine. Sunny. Min: 15, Max: 31
  • Hobart: Fine. Min: 10, Max: 20
  • Canberra: Possible late thunderstorm. Min: 17, Max: 31
  • Darwin: Monsoonal showers/ storm. Min: 25, Max: 30