Product News: Western Digital Caviar Black

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The Western Digital Caviar Black is a 2TB hard drive that spins up at 7200rpm. It has a standard 3.5-inch form factor hard drive and uses a 64MB cache with a Serial ATA 3Gbps transfer rate to connect with computers. Western Digital claims to have a sustained host to/from drive speed of 138MBps. The Caviar Black uses four 500GB discs to provide the storage capacity and eight heads to read the information. The WD has two reading head actuators that provide more accurate movement and reading of the drive disks, with the second actuator using piezoelectric motion to fine tune the positioning. The head does not touch the disks, so as to reduce the wear and tear on the media. A second processor is included to improve the hard drive’s efficiency. Vibrations are reduced through the “StableTrac” system, which secures the motor shaft on both ends to stabilise the platters. Multi-axis shock sensors are built-in to reduce the damage caused by sudden drops or movement of the hard drive when in use. According to WD, the drive uses 10.7W when reading or writing, 8.2W when idle and 1.3W when in standby or sleep mode. It can operate at temperatures of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius and be kept in a non-operational mode at between -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. It weighs 1.66kg, has a five-year limited warranty and has been benchmarked on hundreds of systems to test compatibility.

RRP: $429

DISTRIBUTED BY: Achieva and Synnex.