Product News: The latest server products from Lenovo, Western Digital, HP, AMD, Susu and Acer

ARN reviews the latest server products


Equipped with the Intel Xeon 5500 series processor, this tower server is aimed at SMBs. According to Lenovo, the unit is up to three times faster than its predecessors. It has a dual processor unit with high-speed DDR3 memory, up to 128GB and scaleable storage capacity of up to 16 hard drive bays. The TD200 is geared for virtualisation and is heavy on power saving features. The vendor claims the product’s power supplies are more than 92 per cent effi cient, meaning more energy is translated into usable power. It comes with an on-board connector for an embedded hypervisor and can support solutions from Microsoft, Novell, VMware and Red Hat. Users can consolidate several legacy servers into one new ThinkServer to save hardware costs and energy usage. The server also has an Integrated Management Module (IMM), which provides management capabilities through a Web interface.

DISTRIBUTED BY: Dicker Data, Ingram Micro and Synnex.

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Suited to servers, network attached storage (NAS) and storage networks, this hard drive is specifi cally designed for enterprise-class applications. It has a 7200rpm spin speed, 64MB cache and dual stage actuator technology to improve positional accuracy of data tracks. Along with a SATA 3Gbps interface, the RE4 has an integrated dual processor for enhanced performance. IntelliSeek functionality calculates optimum seek speeds to lower power consumption, noise and vibration, while StableTrac reduces system induced vibration by securing the motor shaft at both ends. This also stabilises platters for accurate tracking during read and write operations. NoTouch ramp load technology means the recording head never touches the disk media, resulting in less wear to the two units as well as better drive protection in transit. The RE4 offers 1.2 million hours mean time between failures (MTBF) and has endured extensive testing to ensure its longevity for demanding enterprise applications. Active Power Save and multi-axis shock sensor technologies come with the drive.

DISTRIBUTED BY: Achieva and Synnex.

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This x86 server is built on the six-core AMD Opteron processor and has a modular tower design for increased scalability. According to the vendor, the unit offers double the density of traditional rack servers, resulting in more computing power with reduced energy use. Other energy efficiency features include Thermal Logic technology, which ensures the G6 consumes less power than previous models. It also has HP Dynamic Power Capping, which limits the power drawn by the server, and Sea of Sensors, which use up to 32 smart sensors to automatically monitor heat and adjust fans accordingly. Users also have the option to choose from four power supplies to match specific application and minimise power waste. HP claims the ProLiant ML330 G6’s Smart Arrays function provides up to double the performance by combining 6Gbps serial attached SCSi (SAS) hard drive interconnections and optimised input/ output bandwidth processing power.

DISTRIBUTED BY: Avnet, Dicker Data, Ingram Micro and Lynx Technologies.

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Running at 40 watts average CPU power, this processor is designed to offer low power consumption for high demand server systems such as datacentres. It is also suitable for cloud computing and dense computing environments and is backwards compatible with virtualised machines running single-, dual- and quadcore processors. According to the vendor, the Opteron EE Processor delivers 31 per cent higher performance per watt over standard quad-core AMD Opteron models. One of the device’s hardware capabilities is AMD Virtualisation (AMD-V), which allows the processor to run virtual machines (VMs) effi ciently and migrate them with ease. It also allows hardware assisted virtualisation for consolidation, hosted client computing environments and disaster recovery. The AMD-P suite of power management features, including Power Cap, Smart Fetch and CoolCore, also contribute to the product’s energy saving credentials. When multiple processors are in place, HyperTransport Technology Assist (HT Assist) reduces cache probe traffic between processors and increases performance for cache sensitive applications such as database and virtualisation.

DISTRIBUTED BY: Avnet, Synnex and Ingram Micro.

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This uninterrupted power (UP) server system is constructed with an 80 PLUS power supply to enhance power efficiency for lower power consumption. Based on the Intel 3420 PCH chipset, the RS300-E6/ PS4 is suitable for enterprise and Internet datacentres that require round-the-clock operation. The server operates at very low acoustic levels of 26dBA and carries a PCO-E x16 expansion slot so its server board can support VGA cards. The server’s DDR3 RDIMM memory support also facilitates more powerful graphics rendering and running of memory demanding applications, Asus claims. Flex-E technology gives users more flexibility with automatic switching from a single PCI-E x16 link to two PCI-E x8 links. This allows the system to expand support to either a graphics card or more input/output devices. An optional MIO audio card is also available for improved sound quality and 7.1 surround channel delivery. A PIKE upgrade kit to move from SATA to SAS storage is optional.

DISTRIBUTED BY Bluechip Infotech.

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Powered by the Intel Xeon 5500 processor series and the 5520 chipset, this high density 2U rack-mount server is suited to managing business critical applications, online transactions, database and enterprise resource planning (ERP). For a simplified set-up process, the server comes with Acer EasyBuild, a software that expedites installation through an intuitive user interface and relevant configuration tools. It offers integrated DDR3 memory and storage is easily upgraded through hot swappable hard drive disks (HDDs). The Altos Server R720 M2 is equipped with a high efficiency power supply, which is 9 per cent more efficient than standard power supplies, according to the vendor. An on-board solution that uses KVM technology for quick conflict resolution provides remote troubleshooting and maintenance functionality. The unit also has several redundancy features including RAID monitoring, TPM-based data protection and automated file backup and restore. The server supports Microsoft, Novell SuSE, Red Hat and VMware environments.


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