AirData team up with mobile tracking solutions provider

Company managed by ex-Commander staffer, Steve Evans, becomes channel partner for the vendor’s material tracking solution.

AirData has signed on to sell the latest mobile tracking solution from Pitney Bowes. The mobile systems integrator is headed by ex-Commander enterprise group manager, Steve Evans.

The partnership began three months ago after AirData was recommended to Pitney Bowes by Ingram Micro.

“We embarked upon a different route to market for our advanced technology 6-9 months ago and we identified Ingram Micro as one of the partners we wanted to work with to get those offerings to the marketplace,” Pitney Bowes managing director, Tony Simonsen, said. “They introduced us to Steve and AirData as a capable and strong partner to get our products out there.”

AirData will represent the Arrival tracking and delivery management software, which is used in conjunction with mobile devices to monitor the location and status of items, resources and even livestock. The product has been successful in North America and was brought to Australia three years ago.

Evans abruptly left the now defunct service provider, Commander, in January 2008 after being with the company for nearly a decade. He became CEO of AirData later that year.

Evans highlighted Arrival’s broad application to a number of sectors such as financial institutions and local government. The integrator is training sales and technical staff on the offering and expects to release the software application to its customer base by February.

While it was too early to ascertain sales revenue growth, Evans was confident the product could make money from a number of different sources.

“We know it will generate additional services revenue for us through implementation,” he said. “That’s revenue from software sale, ancillary products like Motorola scanner and devices, tag printing and so on.”

Pitney Bowes continues to look for partners for Arrival but Simonsen said it was being very selective to ensure higher levels of competency and understanding of certain product sets.

“Ultimately, we would like to have coverage right across Australia,” he said. “But we are also not an organisation that tries to target too many partners in a marketplace so we will be focusing on geographical coverage going forward.”