Conroy: What’s next for the digital economy?

Broadband minister readies report on ideas generated at the Realising Our Broadband Future forum in Sydney

The Federal Government will release a report collating ideas gathered at the Realising Our Broadband Future forum.

The event was held to address issues regarding Australia’s broadband potential and the $43 billion National Broadband Network (NBN). A number of keynote speakers from government and the international Internet industry weighed in on the topics.

In his closing speech, Broadband Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, said relevant Government agencies must work together to assess opportunities and issues identified during the event. The report, once compiled, will be considered by the government within the next six months.

“From this we will identify priority areas for action by business, government and the community,” Senator Conroy said. “This will ensure Government agencies incorporate planning for Australia’s digital economy future as part of their core business.”

The Government wants peak business and community sector bodies to help put ideas from the forum into practice.

“Industry must harness the interest and enthusiasm demonstrated at this forum to implement the ideas [the event] has generated,” Senator Conroy said.

During the forum, Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, flagged the NBN’s role in tackling climate change and NBNco CEO, Mike Quigley, backed the use of fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP), and not wireless, for the NBN rollout.