Macquarie Telecom invests in Tasmania

Decision to set-up a new data network in the state was motivated by the NBN and recent telco reforms

Macquarie Telecom has pledged to invest in a new Tasmanian data network thanks to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and the recently proposed telecommunications legislation.

The company is part of the revived telco consortium, TeRRiA Access Seekers Association (TASA), which counts Optus, Primus Telecom, Netspace, Internode and iiNet as members. The group was involved in the tender for the NBN.

With plans to establish a datacentre in the state to serve as an NBN interconnect, the telco said the investment will bring new data services and lower prices to Tasmanian business customers. Macquarie Telecom CEO, David Tudehope, credited the decision to the Government’s commitment to the NBN.

“The complementary decision by the Federal Government to create regulatory certainty around wholesale and retail competition levels the playing field with Telstra and makes this investment possible,” he stated.

Macquarie Telecom has yet to disclose how much it is investing in this project.