Fuji Xerox deploys Salesforce to help staff and partner engagement

Mobile focus to allow staff to spend more time away from the office, improving customer and partner engagement

Printer vendor, Fuji Xerox, has deployed a Salesforce CRM solution to assist its staff and partners with better customer engagement.

The vendor had three previous, unsuccessful attempts at deploying a CRM solution including using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Fuji Xerox SMB channel manager, Ken Kozak, said the Salesforce deployment took just 10 days with the assistance of integrator, Fujitsu.

“We identified the need for a central repository for important information,” Kozak said. “So far we love the solution – the ability to access critical customer documents from the iPhone is a big benefit for us.

“We have posters up in the office to encourage staff to spend more face-time with customers – the Salesforce CRM solution is aimed to give them the tools to spend more time away from their desks.”

Fuji Xerox has rolled out licences across internal and field partner engagement representatives, as well as Salesforce CRM Mobile, to better track partner engagement and their customer success.

Of the 23 licences that had been deployed, 15 to 18 are for mobile staff.

Kozak joined Fuji Xerox five months ago. This is the first time he has made use of Salesforce in an organisation.

“I hadn’t used it before but I was aware of it – I’m very happy with it in practice,” he said.