ICT Networks appoints first managing director

Former Optus general manager assumes new role

ICT Security’s sister company, ICT Networks, has appointed former Optus corporate sales general manager, Rob Kingma, as its first managing director.

The enterprise solutions provider was established in March and specialises in the bank, finance and media sectors. Kingma was the director of sales and marketing at ICT Security prior to his appointment.

In his new role, Kingma will be responsible for pushing the business into the Asia-Pacific region and will oversee the recent company restructure.

His main focus will be to establish and leverage off relations through the ICT Security business. This has already proved successful as the company ahs completed major network rebuilds for Bank of South Pacific, Sky News and various other clients.

While ICT Networks has had a positive run so far, Kingma said its greatest challenge lay in recruiting the right staff.

“We want to be seen in the marketplace as an engineering driven organisation rather than a sales organisation so we are looking for engineers as our big go-to-market strategy,” he said. “We are very much a Juniper Networks expert and as we expand, we require the ability to get hold of engineering expertise in that particular field.

“We have already taken onboard two juniors who we are training up but in the short term. Finding senior networking engineers will be our biggest challenge.”

Kingma has more than 20 years experience in the ICT industry. He joined Optus as corporate sales general manager in 1992 and moved on to another general manger role at Citadel Securix in 2001. Prior to his employment at ICT Security, he was a consultant at Ernst and Young.