Report: IT jobs back in the red

IT jobs fall by small percentage compared to a rising overall jobs market, according to Olivier Job Index

The Australian jobs market has started to rise but the IT sector is still lagging behind, according to the latest figures from the Olivier Job Index.

IT jobs fell by 1.04 per cent in August, against a 2.43 per cent rise in the broader jobs market. The result comes after July’s sharp IT jobs rise of 8.38 per cent.

NSW was a big loser, with IT jobs falling 3.52 per cent compared to a rise in Victoria of 4.43 per cent and the ACT of 4 per cent. This means IT jobs are down by 49.95 per cent year-on-year, while the Australian jobs market as a whole is down by 48.83 per cent compared to 12 months ago.

Olivier Group director, Robert Olivier, said the slight dip in August’s IT job figures was not a major cause for concern.

“I don’t lose sleep about one month of a decline where you had an absolute bonza previously because if people got their staff last month, it’s to be expected. Nothing goes up in a straight line,” he said. “I’m happy to say the trend between now and Christmas is definitely up.”

Olivier said workplaces were now looking to recruit staff and tertiary graduates to fix and maintain IT resources neglected due to financial uncertainty and former staff cuts.

“What we heard and saw earlier in the year was that the big graduate recruiters had been very conservative in their hiring earlier on,” he said. “Those people who were going more conservatively are now feeling more confident and are willing to go back into the graduate market.”

But Olivier warned there could be bumps in the road and said any recovery would come thanks to a general economic improvement.

“If China is doing well and India is doing and we get carried along in that upsurge thanks to resources then IT will be a follower. It’s not going to be a technology-led boom,” he said.