Samsung makes $3 million customer service investment

The vendor is setting up seven customer service facilities nationwide

In an effort to ramp up its customer service and support, Samsung has forked out $3 million to open up seven new customer service plazas (CSP).

Each facility will house a showroom which includes a coffee area, Internet café and testing equipment for ad-hoc repairs. There is a repair area for audio visual products and small goods including mobile phones and hard disks. Training rooms are also available at each CSP to conduct training programs for channel partners and retailers.

Samsung’s objective is to bolster customer satisfaction of after sales services through a more personalised approach and faster response time for after sales issues.

The plazas will be owned and operated by third party service providers on Samsung’s behalf and staff levels will vary between locations. Hiring has already commenced with CSPs currently looking for technicians.

According to the Samsung head of corporate marketing, Lambro Skropidis, the launch of these facilities will complement the company’s $1.4 million investment to its Homebush call centre.

“The CSPs and our customer call centre use the same system so customers can contact the call centre to book repair jobs and get updates on the progress of the repairs,” he said. “The ability to share information between our CSPs and call centre improves transparency around repairs which in turn allows Samsung to be proactive about the process.”

Melbourne and Darwin CSPs are already in operation with Perth and Brisbane set to open by November. Adelaide and two Sydney facilities will be launched in early 2010.