Melbourne IT to manage Twitter domain name portfolio

The online services provider has scored a two-year contact with the social networking company

ASX-listed company, Melbourne IT (ASX: MLB), has been selected to manage Twitter’s domain name portfolio.

The two-year contract, with no existing promise of an extension, was a result of business development activities in the Web service provider’s North American office.

Melbourne IT chief strategy officer, Dr Bruce Tonkin, said the company was often in contact with major Internet brands and Twitter was approached several months ago.

Melbourne IT is offering up its Portfolio Management service, which includes the renewal of existing domain names and registration of new names. Access to a secure online portal for the client to track orders and manage critical domains is also part of the deal.

“The main thing for companies such as Twitter is to be sure that nobody can take control of and tamper with their domain names,” Tonkin said. “All major brands of that size have similar requirements so we make sure we renew the domains on time and give customers the ability to manage their names in one place.”

Melbourne IT could not disclose the contract value but has conceded the Twitter account is reasonably small. Compared to some other clients that hold in excess of 10,000 domains, the social networking company is relatively new and is starting off with only a handful of critical names.

Twitter’s significance comes from its ability to lift the services provider’s profile.

“We would like to be seen as the place to go for major Internet companies,” Dr Tonkin said. “We already have clients like Microsoft and Yahoo in different parts of our business and having Twitter onboard aligns Melbourne IT with major online brands of the day.”