ISV wins major deal with NSW Police

NSW Police: Multi-million dollar deal provides us with Australia's best evidence management system

Australian ISV, Hardcat, has won a multi-million dollar deal to provide the NSW Police with a forensic information management system (FIMS).

Hardcat beat 15 local and international tenders for the deal, which had a maximum cost ceiling of $3 million. The vendor was unwilling to state the full value of the contract.

NSW Police assistant commissioner in charge of the forensic services group, Carlene York, said the old system was inadequate, reliant on paper records and failed to meet the needs of the forensics department.

“This will certainly reduce the paperwork and inefficient practices for my forensic investigators. It’ll improve the quality of the data and there’ll be no double data entry. It’ll be linked in with our security log-on system,” she said.

York said the NSW Police system would be the best of its kind in Australia, with Queensland being the only state with a comparable FIMS.

The system will be hosted on the NSW Police Force's intranet and is built on Hardcat's upcoming C++-based inventory management system platform, nGen. The rollout is set to be completed by March 2010 and nGen will be launched soon after.

Hardcat director, Rodney Dalton, was pleased with the tender win and hoped to use the project as a key case study on completion. The NSW Police tender comes amid a major downturn in business for ISVs in Australia, Europe and America, he said.

“Fortunately, we have customers around the world, so as one market slows down another opens up,” he said. “We’ve actually found a fairly big boom in the Middle East. So they’ve sort of covered us to a degree.”