Product News: ARN reviews the latest datacentre products from Eaton, Hitachi, HP, APC, Juniper and IBM

ARN reviews products

Eaton Advanced Managed Enclosed Power Distribution Unit

This PDU with advanced management functions is specifically designed to measure equipment power consumption within a datacentre. A plug-and-power architecture aids in efficient UPS power distribution throughout in high-density racks or wiring closets, according to Eaton. Each individual receptacle is enabled with a current measurement device to give real-time data through a local display or network connection. The device also includes around-the-clock monitoring and utilisation displays on any branch circuit or the entire unit. IT administrators can use data gathered from the unit to evaluate server performance, allocate power costs and lower aggregated power bills. The unit can also gauge power usage and temperature at the system, chassis or rack level. HTTPS and SNMP communication capabilities are included to allow for flexible implementation, while Aphel Revelation technology controls remote server boot-up or electronically lock designated receptacles to prevent unauthorised use.

DISTRIBUTED BY Altech, Bluechip Infotech, Multimedia Technology and Synnex.

RRP $1525

Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 Series

Made for enterprise-class performance, this modular storage platform features symmetrical active-active controllers that provide automated hardware-based input/output (I/O) load balancing. This ensures I/O traffic from hosts to disk drives is shared equally. The product line comes with a 3Gbps serial attached SCSI (SAS) backplane for fast processing and transferring of data through a storage controller engine. With support for up to 32 3Gbps point-to-point links, the unit can deliver up to 9600Mbps of bandwidth. Compatibility with SATA disk drives accommodates for a mix with SAS on the same tray for tiered storage flexibility. Common operations, such as installation and configuration, are simplified with software wizards while the GUI helps consolidate management of multiple systems. The GUI will also match Command Line Interface (CLI) functions for additional flexibility. The 2000 series is fully scalable, allowing capacity of more than 471TB and connectivity to up to 2048 virtual server ports.

DISTRIBUTED BY Acer, Express Data and Lynx Technology.

RRP From $35,000

HP Proliant BL490C

Ideal for virtual machine host for datacentres, this new HP blade server comes with up to two Intel Xeon processors 5500 series. It also has 18 dual in-line memory module (DIMM) slots and supports up to 24 network interface cards to fit more virtual machines per unit. Bandwidth workloads can be optimised using the integrated dual-port 10 gigabit Ethernet server adapter with Flex-10 technology. According to the vendor, HP Sea of Sensors automatically track thermal activity across the server through 32 smart sensors to adjust system components for increased cooling efficiency and to save energy. On-board administrative software is included, and there is a power regulator built-in to conserve power without impact to the network. System Insight Manager is also available to maximise uptime and monitor the health of the server. The BL490c comes with optional fibre channel, iSCSI, Ethernet and SAS adapters.

DISTRIBUTED BY Avnet, Dicker Data, Ingram Micro and Lynx Technology.

RRP From $4400 ---P---

APC Netbotz 300

APC’s new suite of active monitoring security appliances is made for a datacentre environment. The collection of networked equipment includes sensors, access controls and cameras that can monitor temperature, humidity, door contact, dry contact, spot leak, vibration, and smoke in the applied surroundings. This protects against disruption or downtime in an IT infrastructure, the vendor claims. Optional user-defined alerts can be sent in a variety of formats and integrated into event escalation policies for an adjustable alert threshold. The Netbotz 300 suite integrates with APC’s InfraStruXure Central which organises and distributes critical alerts while enabling a single view of multiple cameras, rapid search and retrieval of video and tagging of important video clips. The suite also permits access to the user interface through an Internet browser using a password protection system. The line also uses CAT5/6 cabling to increase the distance between the sensor pod and main appliance.

DISTRIBUTED BY Express Data, DPSA and Ingram Micro.

RRP $2150

Juniper SRX5800 Suitable for large enterprise and co-located datacentres, the SRX5800 gateway series can support linear scalability. With each additional services processing card (SPC), the product can provide more than 120Gbps firewall throughput. It employs a modular interface so the appliance can be equipped with a number of I/O cards (IOCs). The ability for SPCs and IOCs to share the same interface slot means the gateway can be configured to support a balanced processing and I/O performance, tailoring to specific network requirements, Juniper claims. The series can be configured to support more than 400 gigabit ports from a choice of gigabit Ethernet or 10-gigabit Ethernet. Switch fabric also supports up to 960Gbps of data transfer. The SRX4800 is based on Junos software. With the inclusion of ScreenOS, the line also has integrated firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, denial of service, and network address translation.

DISTRIBUTED BY Avnet, Ingram Micro and Westcon Group.

RRP On application

IBM Bladecenter E Able to hold up to 168 processors in a standard 42U rack, this compact unit can integrate servers, storage, networking and applications. The Blace- Center E chassis has up to 14 bay blades and four switch module bays that support gigabit Ethernet, fibre channel and serial attached SCSI (SAS). The unit is available with both 2000W or 2320W power supplies and boasts reduced power consumption, according to the vendor. IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager helps track power use temperatures and heat for a granular datacentre management. Blower and fan modules in the chassis also adjust to alleviate changing thermal conditions, while an airborne contaminant filter helps protect the blade server’s vital components. DVD multi-burner is available as and optional add-on and the I/O connection ports can support keyboard, mouse, Ethernet and USB connections. The chassis comes with a three-year replaceable unit and on-site limited warranty.

DISTRIBUTED BY Avnet, Cellnet and Ingram Micro.

RRP $4979