Holocentric picks up COSOL as reseller partner

Integrator will resell enterprise modelling products and develop customised ERP Accelerators

Modelling software provider, Holocentric, has struck up a partnership with local integrator, COSOL.

COSOL will focus on the enterprise resource planning (ERP) segment, reselling the vendor’s modelling products. The company will also develop tailor-made ERP Accelerators using Modelpedia, a Web 2.0-based enterprise modelling tool that displays collaborated structured content for organisations, which is open for feedback in the context of an enterprise model.

In a press statement, COSOL director, Mark Cooper, saw Modelpedia as a major differentiator in the ERP applications market.

Holocentric has complemented the new product with a pricing change, opting for a license access to content in a hosted environment instead of an outright purchase.

Holocentric CEO, Bruce Nixon, said this meant the company would only take in revenue when clients reap the rewards. This added to Modelpedia’s appeal to partners.

Mincom Ellipse, from software company, Mincom, will be the one of the first to try the customised ERP Accelerator.

COSOL’s other clients include Xstrata, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto.