Is the Fujitsu U2010 Tokidoki notebook most popular?

Fujitsu’s U2010 Tokidoki is the crowd favourite in this week’s ARN Product Wars.

Each week, we collect a group of products, and place them on the battlefield. Two products from the group will randomly appear, asking for you to take their side in the eternal battle over which gadget is cooler. With a click, you can determine their fortunes.

The kawaii notebook has so far won over the majority, with a 69 per cent preferred votes rating.

Acer's Ferrari 1100 is parked in second place on 57 per cent, sharing the spot with MSI U100 Valentine’s Day Edition.

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam and Lenovo NFI Coca Cola Edition are also tied in fourth spot at 55 per cent.

The results are so close and you can still make a difference. Click here to vote as many times as you like and support your favourite Special Edition Notebook!