What is the best games console?

Let us know on Product Wars

The video games industry has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings of coin-operated arcade machines and monotone graphics. Remember washing all your pocket-money away on Space Invaders at the local fish and chips shop?

Cumbersome arcade box games eventually evolved into compact home units touting superior performance and portability while simultaneously giving birth to future generations of couch potatoes.

Umpteen consoles have been released into this competitive and savage market. Some companies perished (hello, Atari Co.) while others flourished. So as the industry continues to proliferate, we want to know: What is the ultimate console?

Do you love the Xbox? Spurn the Wii? Embrace the Playstation? Or pine for the Dreamcast? We want to know.

Vote for your favourite console of all time on this week’s ARN Product Wars. Each week ARN assembles a group of products and pits them against each other. Two randomised products from the selected group will desperately seek your support and it is up to you to decide which triumphs over the other. You decide which wins this war.

Vote as many times as you want and stand up for the console you believe in!

Candidates: Nintendo - Super Nintendo (SNES), Game Boy, N64, DS Lite, DSi and Wii Sega - Saturn and Dreamcast Sony - Playstation X, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 Xbox - Original and 360

Switchers and Routers Product Wars results: 1. HP Procurve 6600-24G - 93% 2. Juniper EX4200 - 37% 3. D-Link 24-Port 10/100Mbps Rackmount Switch - 22% 3. IBM System Storage SAN80B-4 - 22% 5. Nortel VPN Router 1750 - 20%