SAP and Zer01 form closer bond

Specialist partner to help vendor go after Australia's biggest enterprises with governance and compliance solutions

SAP specialist, Zer01, has improved its partnership level with the vendor to chase governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) business.

Together the companies will target the top 200 companies in Australia with GRC solutions, including SAP’s Environmental Compliance platform.

“We’ve been working with SAP for the last three years in a less formal and close partnership,” Zer01 managing director, Robert Pedler, said. “This is a natural progression for us that will build our capabilities in the space.

“As specialists we’re now positioned to assist with the provisioning and sales of solutions, rather than just its post-sales implementation.”

The upgrade in partnership was timely, he said.

“The market is tight right now which makes every piece of work more important to us. The new partnership will improve our capabilities in finding additional work,” Peddler said.

Zer01 would remain a SAP specialist going forward, he said, as it found more value in being focused and specialist.

In a release, SAP director, ecosystems partner group, Andrew Fox, said Zer01 had the pedigree and expertise in all aspects of GRC solutions, including SAP Environmental Compliance to effectively take the solutions to market.