Samsung Communications gets general manager

Company to revamp channel and bring on additional dealers

Enterprise IP communications vendor and distributor, Samsung Communications, has appointed Brett McInnes to the position of general manager.

Previously Panasonic director of communications products group, McInnes, said he plans to boost the company’s dealer ranks from its existing 67 and revamp its channel program.

“With the company being acquired by [managing director] Steve Plant last year from Commander the channel has been eagerly awaiting the announcement of our plans for sales and marketing,” he said. “This week is our mid-year conference and we are bringing in all of our dealers to revamp our dealer program with new trade agreements attached.”

McInnes added it will be looking to bring on a couple of large strategic partners that are national in scope in future.

“We are looking to make some changes to our channel model going forward, obviously looking to strengthen our existing dealers first and foremost. Our channel plans mean we will be bringing on new staff, particularly channel development managers going forward under that structure,” he said.

“We are also looking to build out the network particularly in regional areas to make sure we are able to service those businesses.”

McInnes’ previous experience also includes roles with Telstra and analyst firm, Ovum.