Budget: IDC sees incidental benefits for ICT

No surprises, and little that will directly benefit ICT, but some indirect benefits to be found

The 2009/10 Federal Budget wasn't designed with ICT in mind, according to IDC research manager for IT spending, Jean-Marc Annonier.

He said while the budget offered nothing new for ICT - there was extensive prior knowledge of Government spending in ICT thanks to announcements such as the $43 billion National Broadband Network in April - there were still some tasty tidbits.

"There will be an indirect, but marginal benefit through other spending initiatives, such as the increase in tax rebates to SMBs from 30 to 50 per cent, and the big construction initiatives will generate some ICT spend," Annonier said.

“That said, it will be hard to convince those SMBs to spend money, even with the tax breaks. With the credit crunch, I don’t think we’ll see a great an impact as might be expected.”

“There are some good positive points. The $100 million smart grid trial, in conjunction with the NBN is worth keeping an eye on,” he said.

Other verticals that might see some indirect benefit from the budget are healthcare and education, he added.

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