Importer embarks on distribution Trek

It may be a tiny portable device with a lot of storage power, but the ThumbDrive from manufacturer Trek is yet to make its mark in the Australian market place.

However with prices for the USB plug-and-play device continuing to drop and a new import company bringing the product into the local market, the ThumbDrive could provide a new business opportunity for distributors.

The ThumbDrive was originally brought to Australia from Singapore by AGA Technologies last year, but IT import outfit Oz Entrepreneur has been appointed sole agents for the drive and is on the hunt for Australian distributors to take the product to market.

The ThumbDrive is a storage device smaller than your thumb (hence the name) which plugs into the USB port of a notebook or desktop, allowing easy transfer and storage of large files typically found in multimedia or accounting applications. The series can store from 8-256MBs of data, and Trek plans to release the ThumbDrive Pro 2GB device later in the year.

Aimed at the professional corporate market and graphic designers, Oz Entrepreneur sales and marketing coordinator Wendy Peach thinks the drive will also find a market in the retail sector.

Oz Entrepreneur is also looking for distributors for the TREKStor Super device at 4, 6 and 10GB capacities.