BMW drives legacy systems reduction with Accenture deal

Wants simplified processes and more reliable service levels
  • Leo King (Computerworld UK)
  • 20 April, 2009 08:41

BMW has renewed an outsourcing deal with Accenture to help it reduce the number of software suppliers it uses and eliminate many of its legacy systems.

The five-year application management deal -- extending a contract signed in 2005 -- will affect the German car manufacturer's production, sales, logistics, finance and human resources software. It currently runs over 500 legacy systems in total.

BMW, which bases its UK operations in Bracknell, said it hoped that its applications would be more reliable and efficient as a result. Processes would become simpler and service levels would improve, it said. It has not disclosed which systems it is moving to.

Richard Spitzer, managing director at Accenture's automotive division, said BMW was working hard to improve back office processes. The reduction in suppliers would help it "significantly" improve services and processes, he said.

The services will be delivered from India and Germany.