Product News: Mitel 3000 Communications System

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The 3000 CS is an integrated communications platform based on the latest IP technology. Designed to be easily upgradeable, the 3000 CS supports up to 52 users. Mitel claims the system is an ideal and affordable replacement for traditional key and PBX systems, and allows small businesses to improve customer service using call handling, automatically direct calls to the correct person, implement least cost call routing, and deploy business-grade voicemail. Existing analogue equipment such as cordless phones, Eftpos terminals and fax machines can be directly connected into the new 3000 CS solution. An optional broadband module makes it possible for small businesses to utilise teleworking and unifi ed communications functionality. The expansion also includes four switched 10/100 Ethernet ports, IP routing, a fi rewall and a built-in 802.11g wireless LAN access point. Teleworking makes it easy for a business to provide employees with a fully functional phone extension while they are working from home. Unifi ed communications allows users to make and receive phone calls directly from their Windows PC with the Mitel 5100 softphone, as well as adding convenient features such as click-to-dial, and integration with Microsoft Outlook. The plug-and-play system can also be managed from a PC or telephone without powering down.

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