WebCentral introduces SaaS partnership program

Melbourne IT Group's key brand unwraps new MiCloud partner program for the budding SaaS market

ASX-listed Melbourne IT Group’s (ASX:MLB) key brand, WebCentral, has unveiled its MiCloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) partner program to cater to market growth.

The partnership program allows independent software vendors (ISVs) to produce SaaS-type solutions and promote them through WebCentral’s market place.

“We bring the program a well-known presence,” Melbourne IT executive general manager corporate and government affairs, Phil Wilson, said. “We allow those providers to put their SaaS offerings onto our market place to advertise them to the rest of the world and then we drive search through that on behalf of all our SaaS providers.”

Wilson highlighted a partnership with Microsoft as a crucial part of the MiCloud program.

“Microsoft underpins this whole program,” he said. “As part of that deal, Microsoft offers free services and reduces prices on certain things to help ISV pull their products together in a hosting environment.”

Wilson said channel players could appeal to a new market segment with the MiCloud SaaS program.

Business design sessions were also incorporated.

“We went out and did a one-to-many business design session in Melbourne and Sydney last week,” Wilson said. “The aim was to bring all those ISVs out there together to explain how this program works and what it means, helping them understand how to save on building their offerings and then deploying them so they can actually make a profit.”

Companies that want to move from a traditional software model or building new SaaS applications are qualified to participate in MiCloud. The partner program allows ISVs and start ups access to products, services and promotional offers from WebCentral.