Intel cuts prices on top Pentium 4s in US

Intel cut the prices of its three fastest Pentium 4 processors and of some of its 0.13-micron Pentium III Processor-M chips over the weekend.

The price drops took effect on Sunday, according to information on Intel's Web site. The price of the fastest Pentium 4 processor, the 2GHz version, was cut 29 per cent to US$401 in 1,000-unit quantities, a standard measurement in chip sales. The 1.9GHz version of the chip was reduced 27 per cent, from $375 to $273, while the 1.8GHz version had its price cut by 12 per cent, from $256 to $225.

Intel's cuts were not quite as drastic in the Pentium III desktop processor family. The fastest member of that family, the 0.13-micron 1.2GHz processor, had its priced trimmed by 10 per cent, bringing it from $268 to $241, while the 0.13-micron 1.13GHz and 0.18-micron 1.1GHz versions of the family both had their prices cut by 14 per cent, bringing them both to $193. The 0.18-micron 1GHz version of the Pentium III also had the price trimmed 10 per cent, from $193 to $173.

In its processors for servers and workstations, Intel cut the price of the 0.18-micron 2GHz Xeon processor by 26 per cent, from $615 to $455. Intel also trimmed the prices of the Pentium III Processor-S family, its 0.13-micron processors aimed at the blade and ultrathin server market. The 1.26GHz version of the chip was reduced from $337 to $300, an 11 percent cut. The 1.13GHz version was given a 9 percent price cut, bringing it from $257 to $235. The 1.13GHz Pentium III Processor-S was the first 0.13-micron processor shipped by Intel; it started shipping in May of 2001.