TrickleStar brings on Amber Technology

Six months after arriving in Australia, TrickleStar signs its first distributor and is set to hit the retail space

Amber Technology has brought Hong Kong-based vendor, TrickleStar, into its portfolio six months after the company expressed interest in Australia.

TrickleStar products stop the flow of standby power in PC appliances and TV accessories such as printers, modems, speakers, scanners, DVD players, amplifiers, and games consoles when they are in ‘standby’ mode.

In October of last year, TrickleStar founder, Bernard Emby, said the vendor had identified a distributor it would like to work with, and was keen on setting up a channel to take its product to market.

“At that time [October], we were in discussions with a number of different distributors, including Amber,” Emby told ARN today. “Amber are a good fit for us, with a strong retail presence and access to the kinds of channels we’re looking to leverage. Its presence in New Zealand is a positive as well.”

Amber national sales and marketing manager, accessory division, Phil Simmons, said the product ticked all the key boxes for the distributor, and was in line with its desire to green up its portfolio.

“This is our first product that is specifically around green technology,” Simmons said. “Generally speaking, it’s a new direction for us in that we will take the green credentials of vendors into account, and it’s a direction that I think all companies should take.”

The Tricklestar product will be retail-orientated, and Simmons said that a number of retail outlets had expressed interest in it.

“Our goal initially is to get as much floor space for the product as possible and make the public aware of it,” he said.

“The recent CES show in the US featured a big presence in terms of green electronics, so the public is going to be made very aware of what can be gone in terms of sustainability, if they are not already.”

Emby said TrickleStar had written in an exclusive partnership with Amber, so it wasn’t looking for further distribution partners.

“Things are going really well for us,” he added. “We’ve got distributors in parts of Europe now, and business is going strong in North America. We’re focusing on developed nations at this stage, as public awareness around green issues is stronger, and the cost of electricity makes power saving devices more attractive.”