Ingram Micro to distribute Google’s Enterprise Search Appliances

Distributor will have access to Google Enterprise Search Appliances including Google Mini and Google Search Appliance.

Ingram Micro will distribute Google’s Enterprise Search Appliances.

Google’s search appliances enable organisations to find information behind firewalls, search more than 220 different file-formats, access a wide range of database formats, and content and document management systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Documentum, Livelink and FileNet.

The two products in the range include Google Mini, which provides website search for SMBs, and Google Search Appliance (GSA). This is suited to mid-market organisations such as legal firms, finance companies, health providers and government.

Both products include the OneBox for Enterprise feature which offers real-time retrieval of information securely from any business application such as employee calendars and directories, CRM, ERP and BI systems.

In a statement, Ingram enterprise technology group (ETG) general manager, David Lenz, said it added to the distributor’s capability to offer a suite of products to enterprise oriented resellers.

“Google search appliances are often deployed in complex enterprise environments with a wide range of data sources and formats, and need to integrate data from many different enterprise products,” Lenz said.

“We can provide our reseller partners with both in-depth expertise in the Google appliances themselves, and a wealth of experience across a wide range of commonly-deployed, enterprise solutions from our vendor partners such as Microsoft, EMC, HP, IBM and Oracle.”

Ingram product manager, Maria Rossides, said the ETG division had heavily invested to offer support around the new product range.

Resellers that qualify for Google Enterprise Partner program can access training across pre-sales, installation, customisation and post-sales and can gain access to sales, marketing and technology resources.

The deal stems from an international agreement with Ingram placed in 2007.