Prion chief deflates Toshiba distribution rumours

Prion Distribution Technology's managing director, Michael Bosnar has hit back at rumours floated by ARN sources that questioned Prion's grip on its Toshiba distributorship (see ARN January 28, page 3).

The sources claimed that a continual downturn in sales of Toshiba products and the resulting morale drop could lie at the root of Prion's problems.

But Bosnar scoffed at the rumours claiming Prion's distribution relationship with Toshiba is now "better than ever".

"We've doubled the growth of our Toshiba channel in Australia and we envisage that by the end of the year Prion will have received $12 million in Toshiba revenue," he said.

"We have been making more money out of Toshiba distribution than ever before.

"In December alone, Prion was rated as Toshiba's number one distributor for the Asia-Pacific region."