Microsoft maps Exchange's future

The next version of Microsoft's Exchange server software, code-named "Titanium", is scheduled for availability in mid-2003 and will be released to hold customers over before shipping a future version of the software based on its .Net code, according to company executives.

Titanium will be based on the same code used for its predecessor, Exchange 2000, Microsoft's messaging and collaboration server software. Titanium will not be part of Microsoft's .Net portfolio, though it will support the technology Microsoft has developed for delivering applications and services over the Internet. A future release of Exchange, code-named "Kodiak" is the one that will be built on the .Net code base, according to Microsoft.

Kodiak is also expected to be the release that make use of unified data storage technology being developed for the next version of SQL Server, code-named "Yukon," said Microsoft's Jim Bernardo, a project manager with the .Net Enterprise Server team.

"Kodiak and Yukon really represent the next generation of what we're doing," Bernardo said. "The idea with Titanium is to address the issues our customers have with the current code base."

Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer detailed the software at the company's Fusion partner conference in Los Angeles yesterday.