Mobility vendor seeks retailers for new dual-sim phone

Dualsim launches what it claims is the first dual-sim card mobile in Australia

Mobile phones vendor, Dualsim, is seeking resellers to retail what it claims is Australia’s first official dual-sim card mobile.

Dualsim Slider was released on March 1 and gives users the ability to utilise two mobile sims at the same time, regardless of what telco the cards belong to.

“We gauged the market before we launched the product and found there was a big market out there for dual-sim technology,” Dualsim sales and marketing manager, David Sayleeb, said. “Through our company research, we found there are about 5000 searches a day on dual-sim technology on Google and about five million Australians that have more than one sim card.”

Dualsim is looking for small independent retailers to sell its product. Its target market ranges from consumers who take on different deals from a variety of telcos, to business customers with split work and personal phone services.

“The product was designed to give customers freedom of choice,” Sayleeb said. “The idea is that people can have both sim cards in one phone on standby simultaneously and can send and receive from either phone number.”

To entice resellers, Dualsim has waived the minimum order requirement and said faulty phones can be shipped directly back to the vendor.

A 3G version of the Dualsim Slider is set to be released later this year.