Emerson offers datacentre services to the channel

The services allow partners to conduct full audits of customer data centres and helps identify specific needs and requirements

Emerson has released its datacentre and computer room auditing services to the channel.

The service enables partner access to qualified Emerson engineers to provide basic or complete audits of a customer’s datacentre. The auditing revolves around all aspects of cooling, power and design, and involves a detailed report on how to best optimise the equipment and space available.

National business development manager, Stan Lim, said the new service helps partners identify customer needs and requirements including green IT initiatives, energy saving and expansion plans.

“We’ve had this expertise for a while, but we haven’t actually pushed it out to the channel partners. We thought it was a good time to help them so they can add value to their portfolio,” he said.

The tools used in the audit measure the airflow and temperature of the room and include a software program providing a 3D model of the area.

“In the event that we feel some of the equipment is in the wrong position, we actually move that on the model and present it to the customer,” he said. “In some cases it could be about offering the benefits of rearranging the room to the customer.

Prices start from $2000 for a one-day audit and report, up to $15,000 on a full audit that could take up to two weeks to conduct.

“The costs depend on the complexity of the audit,” Lim said. "We have already done a couple of audits in Sydney and Melbourne and the results and recommendations aim to reduce energy costs and clean up the room."