Vizioncore tightens up virtualisation management

The new tool will be available from the end of March.

Virtualisation specialist Vizioncore has developed a management tool based on Microsoft's PowerShell scripting language.

VESI is a way to improve the handling of virtualised apps without having to dive deeply into Powershell. Based on Quest Software's PowerGUI, VESI offers a customised graphical interface to provide management functionalities.

Vizioncore's lead architect Scott Herald said that although Powershell was very powerful tool, it wasn't the easiest to implement so Vizioncore had decided to put a graphical interface to make it easier for administrators to work with their existing applications

He said that he envisaged the tool being used for tasks that involved a lot of repetitive actions and offered a quick way to help with the automisation process. For example, configuration changes across a group of virtual machines.

The new tool will be available from the end of March, although it is already being tested by some beta users. But Herald said that the advantages will soon become obvious to administrators, given the time he spent as a user. "I was in the trenches myself for four years - this takes away the pain points."

Vizioncore has also developed a new product to be launched in May. vControl was developed on the premised that we had to make the admin's task easier, said Herald. "What we've done is aiutomate processes that had been manual." He said that it would take personal productivity up a level, estimating that it could shave 30 to 40 percent off management time.

vControl works across across multiple platforms, including VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.