Geomant opens Australian office

Services delivery provider offers support to Avaya partners in completing complex integration work

UK-based services delivery organisation, Geomant Enterprise Solutions, has established a presence in Sydney, Australia. Heading up the operation is regional director, Stuart Marsh.

Geomant predominantly specialises in providing professional integration services for Avaya partners and is also a Microsoft development partner.

“We’ve had a lot of experience servicing the Avaya community world wide and we’ve developed a lot of business in Australia,” Marsh said. “It was logical to come here and support them and to try to develop business with them.”

“To be successful in Australia you do need to have a presence here and be very connected on a local level with clients within the same time zone. Doing that remotely from Europe in a different time zone was impossible.”

Geomant offers presales and support for Avaya partners when facing complex integration work.

“A lot of Avaya resellers won’t have the integration skills they need to deliver large complex projects because inevitably if you’re dealing with a large corporation you’re integrating an Avaya platform with a number of other different parts of technology,” he said. “We can help resellers deploy complex solutions more efficiently that’s our value to them.”

The company also produces a suite of business integration tools for Microsoft’s unified messaging platform.

“For the first time we have a strong portfolio of Microsoft products which we can sell through the channel and Australia is a significant market for us,” he said.

In February, Avaya established a new distribution deal with Unity Systems.