yARN: Quiz results

Who won the slab of beer and correct answers

Congratulations to Gareth Twomey from Harris Technology, Osborne Park WA, who passed the ARN Community Quiz with flying colours. ARN will be sending out a case of beer to Gareth to help kick-off his Friday night drinks.

Gareth's multiple choice question will be featured in the next quiz:

Q: Which ASX company rose out of administration last week and had $40 million removed from its balance sheet?

If you want to be a winner, like Gareth, make sure to participate in this Friday's ARN Community Quiz. It opens on Friday afternoon with details sent via the ARN PM Daily email.

Correct answers to the ARN Community Quiz for March 6:

  1. What speeds is Internode advertising for its Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband service? c) 50Mbps and 25mpbs

  2. What percent of Ingram Micro's local workforce was cut as part of restructuring plans for the distributor's operations? a) 7%

  3. Which bank's online banking portal was down for days this week? b) Commonwealth Bank

  4. How much did Fujitsu pay to buy Telsta's IT subsidiary, Kaz Group? b) $200 million

  5. Alison McQuarrie resigned from her position as general manager of which company? a) Express Online

  6. What did Nadia Cameron say in regards to SharePoint partner's launch of iPhone business applications? b) "Business applications offered by the iPhone will give Blackberry a run for its money."