EDS offers mobile devices management

IT services provider Electronic Data Systems (EDS) on Monday launched a service to manage and support companies' handheld computing infrastructures.

The service, EDS Mobile Computing Solutions, is designed for companies with employees who need to connect to corporate systems using mobile devices, EDS said in a statement. The new service enhances the EDS Managed WorkSpace service, which supports desktops, laptops and handhelds, by adding data backup, restoration, electronic application distribution and both wireless and tethered synchronization, the company said.

Coupled with EDS Managed WorkSpace, EDS new Mobile Computing Solutions is designed to support and manage a company's networks, peripherals, client devices and handhelds, EDS said. The new service, which will use Microsoft's Mobile Information Server (MMIS) for securely connecting handheld devices to enterprise networks, will also support mobile phones enabled with WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), the company said.

The service will offer support for the most popular handheld operating systems, Palm's PalmOS, Microsoft's Windows CE, and Symbian's EPOC operating system, EDS said in a statement.

Pricing information was not immediately available.