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Get involved in the IT industry community on ARN's new site section: Community
ARN has launched its Community section online. So what are you waiting for? Join in!

ARN has launched its Community section online. So what are you waiting for? Join in!

The IT channel has always been about community. From the largest of vendors down to the corner IT shop staff, we all share a common goal in making the industry – and our clients – more successful.

And along the way most of us have a bit of fun, forge some long-term relationships and give something back to the community at large. Nothing has highlighted this community spirit better than the generous response to the tragic Victorian bushfires.

So to recognise this central aspect of the Australian IT industry and foster closer channel ties, ARN is launching a new section on our website called, you guessed it, Community.

The first phase of Community includes: Forums for you to interact and discuss IT topics with your peers; a weekly Quiz where you can win a case of beer for Friday night drinks; a multimedia Gallery to spotlight industry events; the channel’s own Hall of Fame; and our new blog, yARN.

We hope to expand Community throughout the year and welcome any feedback and tips on look-and-feel, as well as content.

To kick things off we’ll be testing your IT industry knowledge with the inaugural Quiz. To put yourself in with a chance of scoring a case of beer, simply answer our six questions on what has been happening in the industry correctly and suggest one of your own for the following week's quiz to be in the running.

The first Quiz will be officially opened on Friday afternoon via the ARN PM Daily.

So to get involved with your IT community, check out the ARN’s new Community section.