Gen-i develops services academy

Australian services delivery staff to be trained on core competencies

Gen-i has launched a new Service Academy to boost its training capabilities.

The academy has been designed for Gen-i’s 1700 service delivery employees across Australia and New Zealand. It will focus on improving staff engagement and retention, and client satisfaction.

Gen-i academy manager, John Woodyard, said the investment in training was a positive sign for the company.

“Training is often an easy target when it comes to cost saving measures,” Woodyard said. “We’ve recognised the need to continue training, as there are opportunities out there to articulate the business value of technology to customers.”

The program, which was originally developed in partnership with New Zealand’s Waikato University, has initially launched to 270 people. Woodyard expected 600 service people would be involved by June 30, with another 1000 participating in the following six months.

Gen-i's Australian staff will be trained in Australia using in-house onsite training facilities.

The company established an internal Sales Academy in 2005.

Woodyard said the Service Academy was a continuation on the initiative.

“We used to wonder on the R.O.I that we were seeing from our investments in training – the academy allows us to introduce a rigorous process and build our own training roadmaps against core competencies,” he said.