GlobalConnect touches down in Perth

WA office launched to service customer's branch offices, and will be staffed by six sales and support staff
GlobalConnect Australia has opened a new Perth office

GlobalConnect Australia has opened a new Perth office

Convergence and contact centre integrator, GlobalConnect Australia, is expanding into WA with a new office in Perth.

Managing director, Pushkar Taneja, said a number of the Avaya partner's customers had branches in WA, and had requested the company develop a local presence.

"Previously, we'd been servicing those offices either remotely or through partners," Taneja said. "Depending on areas of duplication we'll now reduce the workload of our partners, although we'll continue to have a relationship with them.”

The office will initially be manned by two staff, one in sales and one in support, but will grow to six following local hiring, Taneja said.

"We have plans for further expansion, although nothing in the immediate time frame" he said. "We're experiencing good growth at the moment, and while there is some concern with where the financial markets sit, our customers are spread across a number of verticals, so our growth is continuing."

GlobalConnect currently also has offices in Sydney and Melbourne.